Big Butt Fanny

One woman’s honest account living—and dating—with a big butt.

Have you really looked at pictures of naked big and small boobs and breasts? You also have to love beautiful fragrant firm tits in his hand or mouth?

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Fanny Press is a Seattle publisher of high-quality erotica. We pay our authors well and market our books aggressively.

In American English, phrases use the buttocks or synonyms (especially “butt” and “ass”) as a synecdoche or pars pro toto for a whole person, often with a negative

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This morning we stumbled across a very valuable antique –– a Big Ass mug featuring the original Fanny! She may have gotten an update over the years, but the

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The bum, butt, rear, derriere, buttocks, backside, booty, bottom, tush, fanny, behind, buns; no matter what you call it, we are all after the perfect toned and firm bum!

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