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This is the only common snaffle bit that does not have any joint at all. With its slight curve, it is often considered to be a mild bit because it puts more pressure

In biological anatomy, commonly referred to as the mouth, under formal names such as the oral cavity, buccal cavity, or in Latin cavum oris, is the opening through

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Discover a large range of bits to suit your needs. Snaffle bit, English or Western bits and gag bits for equestrian such as dressage and for Pony.

Oct 24, 2016 · 8 Bit remix cover version of All Star (from Shrek), a tribute to Smash Mouth – reminiscent of classic chiptune NES 8-bit Nintendo songs! Get this track on

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Find great deals on eBay for happy mouth bit and myler bit. Shop with confidence.

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Saliva, also known as spit, is a clear liquid that’s made in your mouth 24 hours a day, every day. If you want to know more about spit and what it’s made of, check

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Aug 14, 2015 · In this video Sprenger bitting expert Lyndsay explains how to correctly fit a bit to a ‘s mouth.

Oil pulling is one of the most effective natural health solutions known to prevent tooth decay and loss. Coconut Oil pulling is even better since

A more effective variant of the over-the-mouth gag is called the cleave gag. Instead of being tied over the person’s mouth, the scarf or cloth is pulled between his

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