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Homemade dish soap is easy to make. It saves you money, helps rid your home of the toxins in commercial cleaners, and is a fun and sustainable project.

A great way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy is to use a body scrub! Want to give one a try? Then make this moisturizing homemade lemon sugar scrub!

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This spa-themed gift basket is filled with fun pedicure goodies and homemade lemon-lime coconut sugar scrub that’s guaranteed to chase your stress away!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena Dish Soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business. All you need is a squirt or two of liquid dish soap

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That conventional bottle of dish soap isn’t as safe as you think. Instead, use these eco-friendly, safe ingredients in your own homemade dish soap recipe.

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Miller’s Homemade Soap Page with instructions and recipes for making soap at home, including charts for designing your own.

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This homemade dish soap is easy, safe, and non-toxic. Feels and cleans like a regular dish soap, and safer for your health and the environment.

Making soaps at home is truly a fun activity; moreover, it can be rewarding too if done in the right way. The excerpt highlights how to make homemade soap and get the

Happy Friday, my friends! I have another Mother’s Day gift idea to share with you today. This homemade lemon soap recipe smells amazing, it’s definitely one you

Do you want to know what happens with yogurt in soap?And does yogurt soap need to be refrigerated?How does this affect the soap color?Read my experience below! In one

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