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As the conclave for new pope nears, Catholics are calling for cardinals embroiled in sex- scandals to abstain from voting.

Islam The fast of Ramadan: Overview, purposes, discipline, health concerns, activities, etc. Overview: Ramadan (pronounced “rom-a-don”; a.k.a. Ramazan) is the holiest

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Sex during pregnancy is the absolute last thing on some women’s minds – especially when they are dealing with nausea, vomiting and overwhelming fatigue. Other

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There are not many things from which the Bible tells us to abstain. The word itself is used only 7 times in the New Testament—3 times in the book of Acts, once in 1

Abstinence is a self-enforced restraint from indulging in bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. Most frequently, the term refers to sexual

Sex and IVF don’t go well together. Doctors advise against it during fertility cycles and couples lose interest. For many patients, sex is never discussed.

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How to Abstain from Sex With Your Long Term manfriend. Sexual abstinence can range from engaging in absolutely no sexual behavior to everything but penetrative

What it means to practice abstinence, why some people may choose to abstain and issues individuals deal with when they choose to abstain. Learn about abstinence for

I am trying to not let the past experience of physical impact my sex life. Much of this I try to simply forget. I have been working with a wonderful

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